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Save the Children – Official Charity partner

For a century, Save the Children has advocated children’s rights around the globe. The children’s rights organisation is working on projects in Switzerland and worldwide to ensure that children survive, learn and grow up in a protected environment.

During the first year of the team’s partnership with Save the Children, we helped our Official Charity Partner raise vital funds through charity events, partners’ activities and auctions of team and driver items.


2019 Field visit with Kimi Räikkönen at an early childhood care and development project for young children in Mexico City

Save the Children’s centers for early childhood development (ECD) support young children (from 0-6 years old) from deprived families to develop socially and give them the opportunity to learn and play in a protected environment. Often, parents from deprived communities need to work full time or don’t have the knowledge on how to stimulate the development of children: Save the Children supports these families and the children of those with low education/financial security as early as possible to break the vicious cycle of poverty and to give them the chance of a self-determined future.

Through painting, music, drama, and many other art forms, Save the Children’s HEART program helps children affected by serious or chronic stress find new ways to share their feelings and experiences. Research shows that artistic expression has a powerful effect on a child’s social and emotional wellbeing, as well as educational value, especially for children in stressful situations. When a child shares his or her memories and feelings through artistic expression, they can begin to feel less isolated, more connected and can focus on their learning.

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN driver Kimi Räikkönen visited a Save the Children ECD centre in Mexico City in 2019, playing with the children and experiencing first-hand the life-changing work the charity provides within the community.


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Diversity promotion and inclusivity

The Sauber Group is at the forefront of inclusivity – not just by hiring personnel based on their talent, without discrimination, but also by promoting skills in a wide range of individuals, regardless of their background and origin.

Our international workforce features employees from all continents, attracted to our base in Switzerland by the opportunity to work in a competitive environment at the forefront of innovation. This multi-lingual, multi-cultural group is, by virtue of its composition, one that fosters inclusivity and the sharing of knowledge for the betterment of the company and the community we work in.

Similarly, our commitment to promoting talent has seen a growing number of women join the team and progress to key positions – heading departments and leading teams both trackside and back at HQ. Our push beyond gender boundaries extends to the cockpit, with driver Tatiana Calderon having been an integral part of our team since 2017.

As part of our operations, the Sauber Group:

  • Develops drivers from diverse backgrounds
  • Attracts and nurtures a diverse talent pool across F1® through the Sauber Motorsport Academy and the Sauber Karting Team.
  • Employs personnel of over 40 different nationalities
  • Employs a growing cohort of women in key positions