Personal Details

Date of birth: 18 of August 2003
Nationality: Scottish
Place of Birth: Glasgow, UK

The first graduate of the Sauber Karting Team to make the step into single-seaters, Dexter progressed through the karting ranks collecting trophies and accolades every step of the way. After winning an array of regional trophies in his native Scotland, he went on to claim the biggest achievement of his career so far, winning the CIK-FIA Junior World Championship in 2017.

Racing Career

2020 Sauber Academy
2017 CIK-FIA Junior World Champion
2016 Kart Grand Prix Mini Max Champion
2016 Trent Valley Kart Club Mini Max Continental Cup Winner
2015 IAME Cadet Super One British Champion
2015 Formula Kart Stars Super Cadet Champion
2015 Downforce Radio Kier Millar Under 13 Racer of the Year
2014/2015 Trent Valley Kart Club Winter Series IAME Cadet Champion
2013 West of Scotland Kart Club IAME Cadet Davidson Busway Trophy Winner
2012 West of Scotland Kart Club Comer Cadet Champion
2012 West of Scotland Kart Club Scottish Open Champion