Salt stands for innovation and the best price for premium products in the Swiss telecommunications market. An excellent mobile network, the country’s best performing internet connection (perf, 2022), attractive prices and customer-focused service ensure an outstanding experience for its business and residential customers. The company’s services as well as its fixed and mobile networks are repeatedly awarded: very good mobile network (connect, 2023), best performing internet connection InPerf, 20221, best broadband tariff (SIQT 2022), best universal provider for SME and residential customers (Bilanz, 20221, number one B-to-B mobile provider (SIOT. 2022).

Based in Renens (VDI, Salt has two additional offices in Biel and Zurich. The company employs more than 1,000 employees and serves 1,448,900 postpaid mobile and 150,000 broadband customers online in 103 Salt Stores across Switzerland. Salt currently offers 99.9% population coverage.
Salt is powering Mobile telecommunication to Sauber in Swiss and around the world, thanks to its Corporate Mobile subscriptions with unlimited Voice and Data.