Singapore Grand Prix 17th September


The Circuit

The Singapore Grand Prix on Marina Bay Street Circuit is the second race of the season to be held at night. The grip conditions on this track improve from session to session. The circuit has 23 corners – the most corners out of any circuit on the calendar – which, in addition, are all low-speed. The probability of the Safety Car being deployed is very high. Traction and braking dominate on this bumpy circuit. Due to its layout, overtaking is rather difficult, making a good starting position important.


High temperatures and humidity are some of the key challenges of racing at this location. To withstand the physically demanding conditions faced at this circuit, drivers must acclimatize prior to their arrival by engaging in intense physical training. Another unique aspect of this iconic Grand Prix is that the race takes place at night, when track and air temperatures are lower and easier on the drivers as well as the cars. The track is located at the heart of the vibrant city of Singapore offering drivers as well as fans spectacular views.

First Grand Prix
Circuit length
Lap record (Lewis Hamilton - 2017)
Number of laps