Qatar Grand Prix 8th October


Albert Park

Albert Park is a rather special venue and not a permanent race track, therefore the early practice sessions will be dusty and slippery. As the cars lay more rubber on the track, the grip will improve through the weekend. This is of course with the weather permitting. During the Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne will be at the end of summer, and both temperature and weather are unpredictable, even within one day.

Key areas of C37 Set-up

Braking stability and traction at low speed, as well as sharp changes of direction, will be important factors. The key corner is turn 1 as it is a bottle-neck corner.

Tyre selection

Soft, Supersoft and Ultrasoft – The track is moderate in its abrasiveness, so the softer spectrum of dry tyres have been allocated to the teams by Pirelli for the race weekend.

First Grand Prix
5.303 km
Circuit length
Lap record (Michael Schumacher - 2004)
Number of laps