Japan Grand Prix 24th September

Suzuka, Japan

The Circuit

The Suzuka Circuit is a very technical circuit, and considered to be one of the drivers’ favourite tracks along with Spa. The circuit provides a challenge at every turn and one mistake will cost a driver a lot of time as it ruins the flow of the complete lap, such as the classic “S” curves, the two Degner curves, the hairpin and the Spoon. There is a mixture of mid- to high-speed corners, with multiple lateral and vertical directional changes where downforce is key. Suzuka is also the only track in the Formula One calendar where the track crosses over between sectors 2 and 3.

The Fans

The fans at Suzuka are like no other in terms of their expression of love for motorsport through creativity. Whether it is manufacturing and dressing up in their favourite team’s samurai suits, or creating innovative items and gifts for the team, it is a very unique experience to mingle with the fans in Japan.

First Grand Prix
Circuit length
Lap record (Kimi Räikkönen - 2005)
Number of laps