Brazilian Grand Prix 5th November

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Circuit

The traditional circuit at Interlagos is a very challenging track, especially considering the short lap distance. Balancing the demand for speed on the two long straights with the stability and grip requirements of the infield will be challenging for both the drivers and engineers. Moreover, the ever-changeable weather often add to that challenge at this time of the year.

All the Drama

There is always a dramatic flair and an intensity to the Brazilian Grand Prix. For a long time, it was the last race on the Formula One calendar where races as well as the drivers’ and constructors’ championships were decided under incredible circumstances. The torrential rain comes more often than not, and the outcome of the race weekend hangs in the air every year. The Brazilian fans are also very passionate and supportive, and their expectations of a good race fuel the intensity of the weekend.

First Grand Prix
Circuit length
Lap record (Max Verstappen - 2017)
Number of laps