Belgian Grand Prix 30th July

Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

The circuit

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, at more than 7 km per lap, is the longest on the calendar. The track demands high-speed cornering performance and straight-line speed, hence aerodynamic efficiency and power output. Besides stability and reactiveness of the car, traction and braking stability are also important factors.

The legend

Adored by fans and drivers alike, this legendary circuit offers excitement with spectacular track features that make motorsport enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster. The epic Eau Rouge corner swiftly launches drivers uphill, and is followed by a challenging corner complex. This is just one of the many parts that demand excellent technical skill and bravery in order to successfully to conquer the track. Unpredictable weather conditions, with a frequently damp track and low temperatures, adds an additional challenge for teams to set up their cars in a way that will allow them to extract the maximum performance during each session.

First Grand Prix
7.004 km
Circuit length
Lap record (Valtteri Bottas - 2018)
Number of laps