Grand Prix 30th April

Baku, Azerbaijan

The circuit

The Azerbaijan GP first appeared as the European Grand Prix in 2016. There have only been three races there since its debut, but every race as been as eventful, with a 50% chance of a safety car appearance due to the tricky street circuit layout. The Baku City Circuit combines the tight narrow areas of the old walled castle district and the newer Caspian seaside promenade.

One of three street circuits

The Azerbaijan race is held on one of three street circuits of the year, followed by Monaco in May and Singapore in autumn. Atypical of any street circuit, it is a 6 km-long, fast flowing circuit with a straight over 2 km long and corners taken completely flat out. Baku city hails the drivers during the Grand Prix weekend as the “Street Fighters”, a fitting name as they must battle each other while at the same time avoiding the fearsome walls that surround them.

Tyre selection

Soft, Supersoft and Ultrasoft – The cobbled street of the old town section gets fresh tarmac before the Grand Prix weekend, so the track is smooth. However, the start time of the race is slightly later, and combined with the windy conditions of the city, grip is low and tyre temperatures are difficult to manage. There is a high chance of lock-ups and flat spots occurring from the hard braking after the long straights.

First Grand Prix
6.001 km
Circuit length
Lap record (Sebastian Vettel - 2017)
Number of laps