Founded in October 2022, kick.com is a community-driven live streaming platform that is based on a creatorfirst model.

KICK’s beta launch saw an astounding 200,000 sign ups in a little over 24 hours since the platform went live. In just four months, the platform has managed to attract top entertainers and streamers like Canadian superstar Drake, Trainwreckstv and many more.

KICK recently announced that it has plans to expand monetisation with a 95-5 split where the creator will keep 95% of the revenue from subscriptions. This will be the most rewarding monetisation split content creators are offered, to date. The platform’s developers are aggressively working towards improvements, additions of special features as well as launch of Android and iOS apps to enhance IRL streaming experiences.

October 2022
● Kick.com Beta website launches
● 200,000 sign ups in just 24 hours

December 2022
● Drake streams a Christmas giveaway that clocked a whopping 40,000 viewers