Ceramica Cielo was born from an idea of Alessio Coramusi, descended from an ancient family of master potters since the late 1800s, with the aim of enhancing this noble raw material, and
through it, create innovative and original bathroom furniture collections, but at the same time timeless, contemporary and linked to our tradition. Our collections have a recognizable, innovative, elegant and functional design.

« ceramic workshop »
Ceramics is a noble material par excellence, used and spread for centuries for objects of great value,
but at the same time a material that is difficult to shape and control, but that can give,
to those who can “TAME IT”, unique products for beauty, quality and resistance.

« mission »
CIELO’s mission is to bring ceramics beyond known limits, through shapes, sizes, thicknesses, surfaces, colors. Our products express, enhance and blend an extraordinary and unique ability to work with ceramics, to a contemporary and timeless design. Ultra-thin thicknesses, original and contemporary design … make our ceramic unique and inimitable

« prizes and awards »
The company has obtained numerous international awards on design and encompasses those values that distinguish the excellence of Italian “doing” considered as a true reference model in the world; the quality of design, the selection of the best materials, attention to detail, knowledge of craftsmanship and the constant search for harmony between form and function.