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About Built for Athletes.

Built for Athletes was formed in 2018 after founder, Nick Costello became frustrated at being unable to find a functional, hard-wearing, stylish backpack. Taking the classic military design as a starting point, Built for Athletes tested, upgraded, refined and improved its product. Now Built for Athletes is satisfied that it’s created the best in class fitness backpack, the Hero Backpack. Today it’s trusted by fitness industry experts and elite athletes.

In 2019, Built for Athletes increased its product range with the introduction of a 25L backpack to compliment the successful 45L version as well as a number of accessories including mobility water bottles, meal preparation boxes and wash bags. Built for Athletes believe an athlete’s mindset is to surpass boundaries, continually striving for high performance, to never settle once a goal is achieved but raise the bar higher and go again. #athletesneverstop


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