December 22nd, 2022

The Hidden Backbone: the third episode of Beyond the Visible is out now

The third episode of our docuseries, Beyond the Visible, “The Hidden Backbone,” takes the audience on a journey of discovery of the complex and detailed organization of the logistics operations behind a Formula One season. There is so much that goes into organising the transfer of people and materials from one part of the world to another – more than 20 times throughout the year.

The hospitality building, all paddock material, and the garage that houses the team’s sporting operations are rebuilt from the ground up at every single race, only to be dismantled a few days later. Leading the entire process, with great skill and precision, is a highly specialized team that relentlessly faces long intercontinental transfers, with gruelling shifts to bring to life and nearly immediately dismantle the physical, but ephemeral, structures where the world’s most watched motorsport competition takes place.