May 18th, 2021

The cars are back in town

Of all races to miss out in our disrupted 2020 season, Monaco surely left one of the biggest gaping holes in the calendar. Not to disrespect the many other rounds we had to skip last year, but there’s something about the streets of the Principality that just feels different.

The old-school layout, hardly changed from the classic era of racing; the royalty – both literal and figurative – usually attending the event; the glitz and glamour providing a backdrop to the race, with superyachts bobbing up and down in the harbour and the sound of revellers extending way into the night.

Monaco is all this, on top of an incredibly tough challenge for the drivers: the circuit snaking around the streets of Monte-Carlo is an unforgiving one, technical and with no margin for error. It retains the spirit of the times it was built in: it rewards those brave enough to head for the walls and play for millimetres.

We approach Monaco with respect: knowing it is a track that can punish as well as reward. We do so with the confidence that we can play our part in this battle, knowing that there can be points at the end of these two, gruelling hours on Sunday.

This year, Monaco will be different – as all races are. The circumstances will be a long way from the Monaco we know – but we’re grateful to be racing here nonetheless. The cars are back in town, and we love it.