August 31st, 2022

Red heart in a sea of orange

Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN heads to the second race of the late summer triple-header, the Dutch Grand Prix. Zandvoort played host to a memorable race last year and the team is confident it will make the most of its performance on the twisting and banked corners set in the picturesque dunescape of Noord-Holland.

The world Holland is meant to come from the Old Dutch “holtlant”, a wooded land: there may not be much in terms of forestry in the vicinity of Zandvoort, but the team will aim to metaphorically come out of the woods there, as we target a return to the points just before our home race in Italy. Recent performances have been promising, but marred by bad luck or adverse circumstances, but fortunes will change and doing so in front of one of the most passionate crowds on the calendar would be perfect timing.

The Dutch really know how to make a sport event colourful: most of the fans may be there to support their local hero, and the stands are expected to feature a sea of orange. But within this tangerine wave, there’s a red heart beating: that of our team as we look forward to giving 100% in search for points.