2019 FIA Formula One Grand Prix de Monaco – Race – Sunday
Weather: cloudy, 22.2-24°C air, 30.4-34.6°C track

Here’s to the next 300

Do you know what’s the best way to celebrate your driver’s 300th race weekend in Formula One?

Not sure about that, but we can be certain that ours wasn’t the best one.
Poor Kimi had a wretched weekend. First he was forced to run around between paddock and pitlane to welcome the Royals of a country that wasn’t even his. (Your Majesties, please do not take offense at that – we loved having you over.) In practice, he had his feathers ruffled by a Force India (or, to quote the great man himself, “whatever the f… they are called now”) before seeing all the promise of our early weekend results fizzle out into an underwhelming qualifying session.
Sunday wasn’t the finest time either. Kimi pleaded and protested, said he didn’t want any celebration. But alas, our love for the Iceman knows no boundaries and a cake was duly produced and presented to him in the pitlane. He even had to force a smile. Was it the sign we were waiting for, that things were turning around for our weekend? Heck no, it wasn’t. A contact on lap one, a too-close-for-comfort moment with Lance Stroll and an otherwise uneventful race later, we had nothing to show to mark this day. Kimi couldn’t even find solace in his team-mate’s race, Antonio having a torrid weekend as well.

A day to forget, but there’s still hope: Finland could still win the ice hockey World Championships.

Frédéric Vasseur, Team Principal Alfa Romeo Racing and CEO Sauber Motorsport AG:
“It was a difficult weekend for us and our race was effectively compromised on Saturday. At some stages, our cars were among the fastest on track, but Monaco being Monaco it meant there was no way to make up any ground. Despite the difference in pace, overtaking here was nearly impossible and even with a different strategy we finished the race close to where we started. Leaving with no points after the promise we had shown in practice is disappointing, but hopefully we can get back to scoring ways next time around in Canada.”

Kimi Räikkönen (car number 7):
Alfa Romeo Racing C38 (Chassis 03/Ferrari)
Result: 17th
Fastest lap: 1:16:436

Tyres: Start on soft tyres, after 48 laps change to medium tyres

“We didn’t expect this to be an easy weekend and unfortunately it turned out to be the case. It was quite a boring race and there was nowhere to pass: we finished where we were on lap one. Even though I had front wing damage, some issues before and after the stop and I was hit by Stroll, none of these things ultimately had any impact on our finishing position. Once you’re behind a car, you’re stuck there unless they have a massive issue – it’s just how it is in Monaco. We tried something different with the strategy as it made no sense to copy what those in front of us did, but in the end it didn’t make us move forward. The only thing that could have given us a chance was rain, but it didn’t come.”

Antonio Giovinazzi (car number 99):
Alfa Romeo Racing C38 (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
Result: 19th  
Fastest lap: 1:16:299
Tyres: Start on soft tyres, after 46 laps change to medium tyres

“It was not a very entertaining race for us. I lost a position to a Williams in the first corner and, even though my pace was faster, I couldn’t find a way through. I tried a move at Rascasse but there was not enough space for two cars, we touched and I got stuck. It was really frustrating to stay behind slower cars, it ended up to be a fairly boring race for me.”