April 27th, 2021

Iberian back-to-back

Back-to-back races are a double-edged sword: on the one hand, they’re a challenge for any team, which is tasked with managing the logistical, mental and physical burdens of two race events within two weeks; on the other, it’s an exciting, adrenaline-filled time in which the focus on the job at hand is total and one is given two chances to get things right, an immediate opportunity to set things right.

This is even more so when you’re approaching a race with the burning desire to right some wrongs: after the first two races of the season, where we did not score the points our performances probably deserved, we head to Portugal first and then Spain determined to get our tally off the mark.

Confidence is high within the team, which is unshaken by the bad luck of the opening races. The swings of fortune are bound to favour us soon, and with them should come the just rewards for our improved form. In the meantime, hard work and commitment remain unwavering. We head to Iberia with quiet confidence, ready to put up a fight to bring home the results we deserve.