September 12th, 2023

Gathering momentum

Momentum is a beautiful thing. It’s a force, invisible but powerful, that can drive people, things and events in unexpected ways, building up to results few would have predicted. Momentum cannot be explained in simple terms: it defies being put in a box. It is hard to pinpoint: it just happens, often from a small stimulus.

The point scored by Valtteri Bottas in Monza can be just such stimulus. After a few races on the edge of the top ten, bringing home a reward, especially in front of a supportive crowd and in an event as important for our season as Monza, was important for the team. It provided the boost for those trackside to keep pushing for the perfect weekend; it provided extra motivation for the team back home in Hinwil, who work tirelessly to improve the cars – and who produced a new package of upgrades that will make its debut in Singapore.

The next eleven weeks will be a headlong rush to the end of the season. With races spanning every end of the globe, there’s so much at stake: it will require stamina, skill and determination to come out on top of this challenge. The team, back in Hinwil and trackside, is committed to perform – and the boost a result like the one in Italy can make the difference between success and failure.

As we head to Singapore for the first of the closing flyaways, we will aim to harness this energy in our pursuit of points. It will take all we have, perfect execution – and a bit of luck. But then again, this is where momentum sometimes comes in – and momentum, we know, is such a beautiful, mysterious thing.