October 31st, 2023

Digging deep

Brazil is a place for comebacks. From Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 last-gasp championship triumph to the epic race of 2012, in which Sebastian Vettel went from facing the wrong way at turn four to claiming his third world title, Interlagos has given the world of Formula One its fair share of redemption arcs. 

The circuit in Sao Paulo lends itself to drama: it’s an old-school track, full of tricky corners, slippery, grassy run-offs and elevation changes that can catch out even the most experienced of drivers. It’s a place where the weather is unpredictable; where every corner can turn a race upside down. Interlagos is a classic venue for this and many other reasons: many indelible pages of Formula One history have been written here – who can forget Ayrton Senna’s 1991 heroics, Jenson Button’s and Kimi Räikkönen’s title charges and countless more moments like these? Who can look past the hundreds of thousands of fans lining the grandstands, one of the most passionate crowds in the calendar? 

It’s the potential for fightbacks, however, that makes every race in Brazil something to look forward to. No matter where one is on the grid, no matter the circumstances of the first corner, the first lap, the first half of the race – something can turn it around, all of a sudden. All it takes is perseverance, getting stuck in and never quitting, ready to grasp an opportunity when it appears. 

It takes a lot to do that. One must dig deep, find that inner strength, that belief in their own capabilities, and then execute to perfection. The path is hard and the journey perilous, but the reward ever so big. As we approach Interlagos, mired in a tough fight with our rivals for the championship standings, we need to harness that strength, and craft another memorable Brazilian comeback.