November 10th, 2021

Capoeira lessons

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN heads to South America for a true Formula One classic, the Brazilian Grand Prix, aiming to extend its points-scoring run in this weekend’s race. The team will be keen to add to its tally after scoring in two of the most recent four races, with an uptick in performance auguring well for the final races of the season.

Brazilians’ love for Formula One needs no introduction. This is a land of passion for our sport, with the crowds on the grandstands providing a show as entertaining as that on track – and that’s saying a lot, as the Brazilian Grand Prix is very often a thrilling event. This is a land that has given Formula One some of the most legendary drivers, the Sennas and Fittipaldis and many others who wrote historical pages of our sport. This is a land that has created the rhythm of samba: their heartbeats are just naturally faster.

But it is not in samba that Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN finds its inspiration for this race. Pitched into a fight, we will fight with flair. We will prove naysayers wrong with rhythm, agility and strength: our inspiration is in capoeira.

A fight it will be: in the middle of a triple-header, after eighteen gruelling rounds already, Brazil is a race where teams are tested physically and mentally. Remaining lucid is a struggle against lactic acid and mental fog: it takes every crumb of focus – but this is what we train for.

Eight points in the last four outings give us hope for more: they spur us on to land a few more punches between now and the end of the season. Like a capoeirista, we will dodge the blows coming our way, swinging and flailing, looking for an opportunity. It’ll be captivating to watch, but for us it’s just the determination that matters.

Four rounds left this season. Four chances to add to our tally. Four opportunity to land blows. The music has started and the capoeira is about to begin.