April 27th, 2023

Beyond the Visible: Monza - the Temple of Speed

The fifth and final episode of “Beyond the Visible”, the docuseries created by Alfa Romeo F1 Team during the 2022 season, is out now, with its highlight firmly on one of the most legendary races in the history of motorsport – the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. “Monza – the Temple of Speed” takes viewers behind the scenes and beyond at the team’s home race – in the spiritual home of Alfa Romeo and the setting of some of its most unforgettable victories.

First inaugurated in 1922, Monza is a living museum of Italian motorsport. This is where, in 1950, Alfa Romeo won the first Formula One title in history with Nino Farina; this is where Tazio Nuvolari, Juan Manuel Fangio and many other heroes contributed to Alfa Romeo’s sporting tradition during a century of progress and evolution. This, of course, is where the tifosi light up the grandstands with their passion.

Over the five episodes of its run, “Beyond the Visible” has offered a unique glimpse into what makes our team what it is. From the drawing board to the racetrack; from the gym to the logistics office – everything that contributes to the success of a Formula One team was exposed and brought to the forefront of our story. It’s been a unique journey behind the scenes of our team, unveiling the passion, the tradition, the innovation that characterises our team. “Beyond the Visible” offered fans of the team what no other series could and, in doing so, wrote another page of Alfa Romeo’s history of noble Italian sportiness.