March 14th, 2023

Between two realms

Formula One is a sport on the move. The whole organisation made an art of the camping and decamping from one corner of the globe to the other, looking for a new destination, a new race, a new thrill: doing it in an efficient, effective and sustainable way is a science in itself.

It’s not just cars, garages and equipment that are needed across the world, but everything from kitchen appliances, plates and cutlery to crates of notebooks, teddy bears and other team items for guests and fans. The logistical feats required to make this show happen are as much an impressive watch as that given by the cars on track; and the men and women making it happen are some of the unsung heroes of this sport.

Not unlike a travelling circus, Formula One is a massive family that moves from one place to the other: sometimes different, often similar, always interesting. And so, this week our team moves from one kingdom – Bahrain – to another, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (to give its official name). It’s not just physically, however, that Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake finds itself between two realms. For there is more than the word “realm” implies – meanings that go beyond crowned heads and dynasties in old Europe or the Middle East.

The team itself is a combination of two realms, as its two souls – one fixed in place, one forever moving – coexist in a self-reaffirming capacity: the race team, travelling from one event to the other, and the home team, enabling everything we do from our Hinwil HQ. Both realms depend on each other; nether would exist without the other; both spur each other on, creating a virtuous cycle of motivation. Home and away are expressions of the same idea: two realities, one team.

Two realms, one anchored in the real world, one soaring in the virtual, are also where the team lives when racing. Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake is no longer just made of people, cars and equipment, tangible expressions of its existence: it is branching out in the virtual, reaching out to new audiences and providing new ways to access it. In the Jeddah paddock, the team will debut a new experience in the metaverse, where it is creating a hyper-realistic platform alongside its partner, Everdome. In the fan zone, it will reach out to its supporters through an innovative Augmented Reality activation with Sensetime. It will be a way for the team to get closer to fans near and far, exploring new spaces and new ways to interact – pushing the boundaries into a new reality, just as we never stop developing our cars back at base.

As we prepare for round two of the season, we go from one realm to the other – but look closer, and you’ll see we do so in more ways than one.