May 16th, 2023

Between tradition and the future

The subtle tension between history and modernity is one that requires skill to manage. Skew any which way, and the result is out of balance: too backwards looking, or too focused on things to come. This difficult balancing act, however, can be very rewarding when done right, when the perfect mix of its ingredients is achieved: and this is what we set out to do in Imola, one of motorsport’s shrines.

Imola is a track that boasts an impressive history, dating back to its first race in 1953: it’s a circuit born in Italy’s motorsport heartland, with the help of Enzo Ferrari himself – there’s no bigger endorsement for a track in this country. Still, Imola was never a track to sit on its laurels: as a venue, it had to adapt, evolve, keep in tune with the times – in its layout and its identity. “Auto-motovelodromo Prototipo CONI di Imola” was always a mouthful, and the colloquial name of Circuito del Castellaccio – after a nearby hill – became Autodromo Dino Ferrari in 1970, and finally Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in 1988, as it played host to events such as the Italian and San Marino Grands Prix and, more recently, the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Many a time its corners were changed, with chicanes added, turns reprofiled, sections amended: Imola is a work of evolution, never ending and always morphing, but without ever losing its soul. Imola is Jim Clark and Nigel Mansell; it’s Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher. It’s obviously Senna. It’ll be the champions of tomorrow.

The space between tradition and the future is also one where Alfa Romeo lives and thrives. Since 1910, Alfa Romeo embodies the spirit of noble, Italian sportiness: under its aegis, some of the most iconic cars – both in motorsport and in the automotive industry – have come to life and gone on to inspire generations of car lovers. But Alfa Romeo is strongly focused on the future, with the daring ambition to reinvent sportiness for the 21st century. In the upcoming electrified world, Alfa Romeo cars will still embody passion, thrills, elegance. Alfa Romeo reinvents itself in each new car, without losing track of what makes it the brand it is: each future generation carrying within the spirit of the Alfetta 158 that led the brand from its motorsport beginnings.

​​​​​​​We celebrate heading to Imola in this spirit. We honour our history and tradition, with our gaze firmly forward – to great things to come. In a city, Imola, itself combining a historical core with the modernity of its suburbs, we stand on the shoulders of giants and set out to write another page of Alfa Romeo history.