September 7th, 2022

Anniversary time

Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN heads to its home race, the Italian Grand Prix, as it prepares for the embrace of the passionate Tifosi at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza.

There is something unique about Monza. It’s not the octane-laden atmosphere, no matter how fantastic, or the sight of tens of thousands of fans creating a flowing sea of colour (admittedly, mostly red) on grandstands and grass alike; it’s not the track, no matter how many thrilling, joyous or tragic pages of the history of our sport have been written on its kilometres of tarmac; it’s not the slightly melancholic feeling of the final European race of the season, of leaving behind your hospitality – home away from home – until the cold mornings of pre-season testing in Barcelona.

No, there’s something unique about Monza, and that’s the nature of this circuit itself. It’s what this track embodies – in the history of motorsport, in the collective imagination of everyone connected with racing, in the very centre of the Italian psyche. Monza is racing: it is racing at its purest, it is human and machine versus the laws of physics. It is banking so steep it’s dizzying; corners that have no numbers but names; crumbling tarmac on forgotten parts of the track where you can hear echoes of Farina, Fangio, Rindt, Clark, Senna and Schumacher, heroes through the eras.

Monza has been synonymous with racing since September 1922 – 100 years ago. This wedding of two concepts, now indissoluble, has been threatened, left for dead, considered a relic of the past – only to return with more passion, more determination, more of a central role in our imagination. It’s been here for 100 years and we hope it’ll be here for 100 more.

So happy birthday, Monza. We’re here to honour you in the way you most desire: by racing our hearts out on your hallowed ground.


Alfa Romeo Tribe Days

To celebrate the unbreakable bond with the historical Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, where Nino Farina won its first Formula One title on September 3, 1950 onboard the Alfetta 158, Alfa Romeo is launching its first Tribe Days, an international event gathering the Italian brand’s fans from all around Europe – the “Tribe”, as the Alfa Romeo aficionados are known.

112 members of official Alfa Romeo clubs – one for each year of the brand’s incredible automotive history – will take part in the event, each one represented by an iconic Alfa Romeo car. In a similar way, 100 Giulia GTA – one of the most successful models in the brand’s history – will honour the 100 years’ anniversary of Monza, the cradle of Italian motorsport.

The Alfa Romeo Tribe Days will culminate with two parades: the first one will feature 112 historic cars, led by Formula One CEO, Stefano Domenicali, and Alfa Romeo CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato, and will be held on Saturday afternoon on the very Monza track where the F1 drivers would have been battling pole position shortly before. The second parade will take place the following morning, on the day of the Italian Grand Prix, when the 112 historic cars together with 100 Giulia GTA will depart from the Arese Museum – the historical home of Alfa Romeo – and drive through the city of Milan, birthplace of the brand, passing by some of the most iconic locations of the Northern Italian city and eventually reaching the Monza racetrack.