February 20th, 2023

Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake boosts sustainability on and off the track with Kick Out Plastic

Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake is taking another step towards a more sustainable future, as the team announces a partnership with Kick Out Plastic, a global initiative seeking to promote positive changes in behaviour and choices to improve our planet’s health through the power of sport.

Founded in 2021, Kick Out Plastic is a not-for-profit, international campaign fighting for a world free of single-use plastics and environmental crises. By harnessing the power of sport across its entire spectrum, Kick Out Plastic seeks to unite different ambassadors to speak with one, shared voice to inspire fans and world citizens altogether to make responsible, sustainable choices on a day-to-day basis – for a more sustainable, plastic-free future.

The partnership is part of Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake’s sustainability strategy, which is in line with Formula One’s goals to become a net zero carbon sporting spectacle by 2030, and with the team’s commitment to social and ecological responsibility both on and off the track. The link-up with Kick Out Plastic complements the other efforts by the Sauber Group, whose operations are carbon-neutral since 2011 and which is involved in numerous projects to promote environmental conservation and development.

As part of the team’s commitment to reducing its ecological impact, which already translated into reducing using single-use plastics in the team’s hospitality since 2021, all Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake drivers and team members will be using reusable drinking bottles provided by Kick Out Plastic, eliminating the usage of single-use plastics trackside.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Managing Director of Sauber Group and Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake representative: “We are delighted to welcome Kick Out Plastic to Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake. Sustainability is a topic of fundamental importance for our team, as well as for the Sauber Group, and for this reason we are committed to social and ecological responsibility: we don’t just exist in a bubble, but we are part of the cultural, social, and environmental fabric of our planet. Together with Kick Out Plastic, we pledge to make our Formula One operations even more sustainable, facing up the challenges of climate change and promoting an eco-friendly future.”

Lars Böcking, Kick Out Plastic President: “We are proud and thrilled to become Official Sustainability Partner of Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake: we share a common vision, to make use of the immense power and influence of sport to reach people and inspire positive changes in behaviours and choices. Considering how the current climate emergency has been largely caused by many small, individual actions, it often still seems people prefer to point fingers and blame rather than make easy changes or take responsibility. Sport instantly highlights the values and importance of teamwork, setting goals together and a pathway to achieving positive, incremental changes. We look forward to working together and forming a powerful, passionate collaboration to promote a more sustainable future.”