April 13th, 2023

A legend since 1923: celebrating 100 years of the iconic Quadrifoglio

Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Quadrifoglio – the iconic green, four-leaf clover mark which, for the past century, has been unmistakably tied to Alfa Romeo as a synonym of the brand’s highest-performing creations.

It was on the 15th of April, 1923 when the legend of the Quadrifoglio began, at the XIV Targa Florio, one of the oldest automobile races in the world, hosted near Palermo, in Sicily, on the Madonie road course. Characterised by intense and incredibly challenging racing, the prestigious event was one of the most important milestones at the time for drivers. The Sicilian race was an important one for Alfa Romeo, which developed a specific version of its RL car and recruited the most talented drivers to take part in the competition. It was then, on Ugo Sivocci’s RL Corsa, that the Quadrifoglio made its debut. Sivocci went on to win that year’s Targa Florio, through his skills as well as a series of fortunate events, which would make the choice of the four-leaf clover even more meaningful.

From that day onwards, the Quadrifoglio has become an iconic symbol of Alfa Romeo, setting the stage for an extensive series of incredible motor racing achievements: from the first Grand Prix championship in 1925, to the Mille Miglia and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, cementing Alfa Romeo’s presence in the highest echelons of car manufacturers.

Nowadays, the Quadrifoglio represents Alfa Romeo’s noble Italian sportiness and identifies the brand’s highest-performing cars: the most powerful and exclusive road cars, and, of course, those engaged in racing competitions. The legendary four-leaf clover can still be spotted on Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake’s 2023 Formula One challenger, the C43, proudly carrying on an incredible legacy which spans over a century.