August 29th, 2023

A flash of gold

There’s no place like home, goes the old adage. And Monza, indeed, is our home race – the closest one to Hinwil; and the home of Italian motorsport heritage, a tradition that the Alfa Romeo embodies. When home, then, one wants everything to be special: any event, any performance has to be one to be proud of.

With this spirit, we embark for the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. Ready to celebrate a special relationship with Alfa Romeo, so close to the place where the brand was born, and in the place where they will run a special activation, showcasing their latest product; ready to give a memorable experience to the team members joining us from Hinwil on the grandstands; ready to pay tribute to one of Formula One’s greatest tracks.

We will have something special to help write a wonderful story this weekend: a shiny nugget of gold, resplendent under the Italian sun (or a beam of light under the rain – for the weather is ever unpredictable in this 2023 championship). We will be among friends, on home soil, ready to press on our home advantage – and we will give everything to say thank you to all those out there cheering for us.

Monza is, after all, where we got our very first podium, a special page in our history. It’s turf we know, intimately so, and where we really want to do well. There’s no place like home indeed.