Digital Continuous Improvement Engineer

Are you looking for a new challenge as a 

Digital Continuous Improvement Engineer

This role in our business is critical to grow integrated digital solutions with a continuous improvement culture striving for teamwork and efficiency towards our long term vision.

You will be responsible for creating and developing processes to improve efficiency through analysis, planning of workflow across several divisions.

Would you like to

  • create efficient digital solutions to support the continuous improvement of processes within the team?
  • work close with software developers and continuous improvement engineers?
  • analyse existing practices to eliminate waste and improve the value added activities?
  • develop digital solutions to improve information availability, reduce non-value add and improve traceability?
  • create, develop and support adherence to company standards, in order to improve performance, quality and reliability?
  • develop knowledge transfer tools and behaviours, to improve communication and promote cross-pollination between departments?$
  • support deployment and development of new engineering capabilities?contribute towards pursuit of business certifications?
  • benchmark tools and methodology against endemic and non-endemic businesses?

Do you have

  • completed degree level studies in engineering or a related subject?
  • the ability to develop workflows in Jira or similar?
  • a proficient level of German and English language both spoken and written?
  • relevant knowledge of change management & continuous improvement methodologies?
  • real life experience in delivering solutions/projects end to end?
  • excellent communication skills and detail orientation?
  • the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment and know how to motivate a team?

Are you

  • highly self-motivated, dedicated, result-oriented and able to work independently?
  • keen and enthusiastic, able to work through problems with an analytical approach?
  • stress tolerant, persevering, disciplined, very open-minded, and a team player with a strong focus?

If the above applies, and working in a dynamic, cross-functional environment appeals to you, we are looking forward to receiving your application here!


Sauber Group of Companies
c/o Sauber Motorsport AG
Wildbachstrasse 9
8340 Hinwil, Switzerland

Rolf Matsch, Human Resources