Introducing the Sauber Esports Arena

The heart of all Alfa Romeo F1 Team KICK Esports activities is the Sauber Esports Arena, a brand-new home for the team, situated within the team’s headquarters in Hinwil, Switzerland.

The concept of a dedicated Esports facility had been in the pipeline for a few years, but it’s only after the pandemic years, when most events were taking place online, that the importance of having a proper area in which to host all its Esports activities became clear, and how crucial it would be for the development of the team’s Esports program. This is the concept behind the Sauber Esports Arena: a space for Alfa Romeo F1 Team KICK Esports drivers to practice and race together, allowing them to share information with each other in between sessions to improve their performances.

The Sauber Esports Arena is supplied with the most advanced equipment, to grant drivers the best experience while being at the top of their game. Thanks to team partners,, fans have also been able to be part of the action: the team’s digital token holders have, in fact, been granted the exclusive opportunity to choose the name of the new Esports facility over the course of four days, with the choice ultimately falling on the Sauber Esports Arena moniker.