November 5th, 2020

The mark of quality: Sauber Engineering obtains ISO 9001 and DIN SPEC 17071 certificates

Sauber Engineering, part of the Sauber Group of companies, successfully underwent the first ever combined audit in the field of additive manufacturing, resulting in the issue of two certificates, ISO 9001 and DIN SPEC 17071, for metal and plastics production. As a specialist in the development of innovative methods and manufacturing of high-quality components, Sauber Engineering now sees both its quality management and additive manufacturing processes certified by an independent entity, an additional mark of excellence for the company.

With 13 polymer printers – seven SLA and six SLS machines, plus four DMLS large frame metal printers, including advanced heat treatment such as hot isostatic pressing – Sauber Engineering boasts one of the most varied and advanced additive manufacturing machine parks in the region. As part of the combined audit, a TÜV SÜD audit team comprising additive manufacturing (AM) and quality management (QM) experts reviewed Sauber Engineering’s 3D printing processes, additive manufacturing methods and the organisational and system-related requirements required to deliver high-quality results on a consistent basis.

Proof of an effective QM system, audited and certified by an auditor appointed by an accredited certification body, is one of the basic requirements for certification according to DIN SPEC 17071. Sauber Engineering will be able to make use of its newly gained certificates as it develops its offering and expands its client base in a wider spectrum of fields.

Matthias Herrmann, ISO 9001 lead auditor at TÜV SÜD: “Manufacturers and suppliers in the field of additive manufacturing (AM) need two things: good product quality and an effective management system. In my view, the business success of manufacturers in the field of additive manufacturing can only be ensured where these two components can be combined smoothly. With this in view, this new combined, fully integrated and interlocked audit service confirms to manufacturers that they are experts in their field.”

Christoph Hansen, Director Technology & Innovation, Sauber Engineering: “Receiving these two certifications is an important step for Sauber Engineering. It is an acknowledgment of the high level of quality of our work and of the consistently high standards to which our whole production process, from design to manufacturing, sticks. To undergo a combined audit in this field was a challenge Sauber Engineering successfully tackled, the smooth process demonstrating our technical expertise in this field.”


About DIN SPEC 17071
DIN SPEC 17071 is the first guideline for quality-assured processes which defines standardised requirements for additive manufacturing (AM). It assesses all quality-relevant aspects, such as personnel, documentation of workflows, infrastructure and qualification of systems, materials and processes. Standardised quality control supports the achievement of risk-minimised industrial maturity of production. It also minimises the number of necessary supplier audits, facilitating the selection of manufacturers for contract manufacturing and component purchasing. The guideline serves as the precursor of future ISO/ASTM standards.