June 30th, 2020

Swiss engineering meets Swiss tech as Sauber Engineering joins forces with MindMaze

Sauber Engineering will take on a prominent role in the Healthtech sector as it unveils a new long-term partnership with neurotechnology giant MindMaze.

The link-up between these two Swiss powerhouses will enable Sauber Engineering to deploy its world-class R&D, design and production capabilities to help MindMaze redefine its home-based neuro-recovery products. The partnership will focus on hardware design and manufacturing for its current range of MindMotion products as the company expands on the current global footprint across 20 countries.

Boasting decades’ worth of engineering expertise and uniquely varied manufacturing capabilities, Sauber Engineering has the know-how and facilities to provide the centre of excellence for product design for MindMaze, that includes cutting edge material science. As part of this process, Sauber Engineering will provide a full-service package for MindMaze’s teleneuro and telerehabilitation platforms such as the MindMotion GO.


Frédéric Vasseur, Chairman of Sauber Engineering AG: “The launch of this partnership is an important message that reinforces Sauber Engineering’s position as a provider of world-class design and development services. By joining forces with another leading Swiss company like MindMaze, we can apply our expertise and skills in one of the world’s most exciting fields, bringing forth synergies that will benefit both companies.”

Axel Kruse, CEO of Sauber Engineering: “We are excited to begin this long-term partnership with MindMaze. The range of digital health products they are developing is ever-growing and Sauber Engineering can help them continue on this path of innovation. Our engineering experience, together with our unique manufacturing capabilities, will allow us to manage the whole development process of a product, from design to final packaging. Together with MindMaze, we can continue to grow the successful Swiss innovation and development model that has gained plaudits for its commitment to quality.”

Tej Tadi, Founder & CEO of MindMaze: “Building the future of brain technology, especially at the level of quality necessary in healthcare applications, we look forward to partnering with a firm that has the calibre of Sauber as it guarantees not only a high level of design thinking but also an unparalleled, sustainable quality.”