May 7th, 2021

Sauber Engineering joins HP Composites in high-end technology consortium

Sauber Engineering is bringing a new impetus in the world of high-end carbon products thanks to a new partnership, designed to complement its technical and industrial capabilities, with Italy-based HP Composites. The establishment of this consortium will enable the two companies to work together to provide new and existing customers with an end-to-end solution for the development and mass production of carbon parts for a range of industries.

Both Sauber Engineering and HP Composites boast extensive experience in the design and serial production of high-performance advanced composite materials parts and in their supply to industry. By combining this expertise, they will offer a full service, from concept idea to product, to end customers not only in the automotive and motorsport sectors, but also in the realms of aeronautics, marine and in all those fields requiring high-quality and high-performance lightweight structural parts.

The consortium has already notched its first success, with Sauber Engineering and HP Composites working together on parts of the design, manufacturing and testing of the high-performance Alfa Romeo GTA and GTAm models, a venture in which the decades-worth motorsport and production know-how of the two companies provided invaluable benefits to the end product.

Michelangelo Mastroberti, Sales Director of HP Composites: “The HP team supports the birth of the Consortium with great enthusiasm and with the passion that characterizes our work in the Advanced Composite Materials field. We are honoured to work side by side with Sauber Engineering, confident that our mutual and complementary knowhow and experiences will lead to great benefits for our customers. One plus one eguals three“

Jonathan Herzog, Head of Project Management & Sales of Sauber Engineering: “We are happy to start this promising partnership with HP Composites. This consortium enables Sauber Engineering to complement the services we offer, working with a capable partner at the forefront of carbon part production and widening our reach to a range of new customers in a varied range of industries.”