At the intersection of research, industry and teaching

There are still no specific vocational training programmes or courses of study and defined occupational profiles for additive manufacturing.

The discipline is too young, its development too dynamic, the approach too innovative.

For the first time, it is the design that determines the manufacturing process – and not vice versa.

One of our tasks at Sauber Engineering in terms of acting as a mediator, is to keep our knowledge and experience up to date.

3D workshops

In our workshops for interested parties and potential customers, we present the basics of additive production understandably and make their qualities, special features and advantages comprehensible by using concrete examples.

We enable the participants to get to know the technology and the associated processes and to consider their applications gradually.

We provide practical tips, golden rules and helpful design guidelines – and during the workshops we reveal some secrets from the fascinating world of 3D printing.


Consulting services

When working with customers from a wide range of industries, we do not limit ourselves to carrying out orders perfectly.

Our comprehensive service also includes training the customer in the context of his problem and objective: to make him aware for which projects a 3D printing solution makes sense, which material and process are the most suitable and why.

Also, we explain what needs to be specified and in which way to achieve the desired results, and which infrastructures are worth considering if additive manufacturing is to be implemented on the customer side.