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MASCOT® WORKWEAR is a Danish-owned family business, and one of the market leaders in workwear. Their products are developed in Denmark, while they produce the majority of their 700 + unique products in their factories in Vietnam and Laos. Their salespeople represent them in more than 20 countries, but their products are exported to most of the world.

Their uncompromising attitude to quality means that they strive for more beyond the product itself; MASCOT® WORKWEAR have a goal to develop, produce, market, and sell the best workwear in the world. Customer service, efficient logistics and high delivery reliability are also crucial for their customers.

TESTED TO WORK  – a slogan and a key working strategy.

A crucial part of the strategy is testing and control of methods, products, and suppliers. This is why MASCOT® WORKWEAR have branded themselves TESTED TO WORK – it is not just a catchy slogan,  but the most important value and the core of everything they do.