Virtual wind tunnel (CFD)

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
Computer simulation of fluid flow

When a combined methodology approach is required, physical models are too expensive to create, or you want to understand complex aerodynamic flows, we can be your development partners.

Take advantage of our extraordinary software tools and advanced ability to simulate fluids, fluid structure interactions and multiphysics problems.

When we could not get what we needed from commercially available software tools, we worked with some top universities to write our own. The desire to test hundreds of ideas a day (with computer power limited by cost driven regulations) has pushed us to develop tools most CFD groups can only dream of. This makes us the perfect development partner.

Our CFD services

  • In-house software tools driven by the need for accuracy and efficiency – tailored to your needs
  • Open and collaborative approach to development
  • Immediate access to CFD results and post-processing after the simulation
  • Secure Web interface for data delivery
  • In-house experts from multiple backgrounds (motorsport, automotive, aerospace, America’s Cup, thermodynamic, software specialists, etc) who can oversee and control the test process
  • Good correlation due to excellent checking methodologies with the models to check and update our science
  • Open book research and tailored development to your needs, while leaving you in control of the process