Model-scale testing

Model-scale wind tunnel testing

Take advantage of some of the most technologically advanced robotic, sensor filled “models” available or use our manufacturing technologies to simplify models to the extreme. We offer a range of freedom for model testing to suit most budgets.

We can test from small trains, trucks, buildings, and aerospace objects, to large automotive and manpower driven models with staggering quantities of measurements, to help you understand and evolve your product.

From innovative construction, fast multi-motor synchronised motion with data acquisition, to large data management and special software tools, we have a number of ways to improve the efficiency of your development programmes.

We can design, create and test scale models from scratch or adapt to your model and provide only the testing environment.

Models would allow all relevant shape changes to be accommodated. Sophisticated electronics and robot motion are available.

Testing capabilities

Model motion (Hexapod): Pitch, heave, roll, and yaw

Road: Up to 10 degrees of road yaw, under belt force measurement, 80 m/s

Model Equipment:

  • Active tyre pressure
  • Active suspension
  • Active steering
  • Active aerodynamic elements
  • Active exhaust simulation
  • High speed data acquisition
  • Force measurements overall as well as for sub-components
  • Pressure measurements up to 12×64 ports
  • Laser ride height measurement, tilt measurement
  • >80 analogue inputs, 16 analogue outputs, 32 digital IO available
  • Ethernet and CAN for intersystem communication
  • Advanced analysis software available