Full-scale testing

Road and race cars are our main core strength for full scale testing, and we can test anything from rockets to sports products at high speed. Testing realism is extreme. The wind tunnel boundary layer is removed just before the start of our high-speed simulation of the road moving under vehicles. We can test to 288 kph with wind and road synchronised. The surface finish of the road tries to mimic that of a real road (changes the aerodynamic balance of a vehicle) and the weight of the vehicle plus full aerodynamic load (up to one ton per wheel) can be measured.

Wind tunnel 1:1 testing

  • Single-belt road system 3.2 x 9 m
  • 15m2 closed or slotted wall test section for car’s with big frontal area (i.e. SUV or big rear wing up wash)
  • Fast and active ride height system
  • Fast continuous motion and data acquisition
  • Various car fixations available

Car fixation

  • Cable mount system attaching the structure of the vehicle via bespoke attachments (ideal for open wheeled and other types of race cars)
  • Cable mount system attaching to the natural strong points under the vehicle (jacking points)
  • Wheel mount system that can operate with two or three mounts
  • Rear sting mount system e.g. for aerospace applications